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    Reaching the Hotel

    Front Desk

    • For guests arriving by train

    If you are arriving at New Delhi Railway Station:

    Walking: Take exit no. 2 on the Paharganj side from New Delhi Railway Station. Exit the station complex and take a right onto Qutub Road. There will be a bridge in front of you. Pass under the bridge and follow the road for around 100 metres. After 100 metres, take a left onto Arakashan Road (there is a large sign-board signifying Arakashan Road). Rama Inn is the 3rd building on the left.

    By auto: There will be plenty of auto-rickshaws as you exit New Delhi Station. The ride to the hotel should cost around Rs.50 (even for tourists).

    Note: You must exit New Delhi Railway Station on the Paharganj side (from the side of platform no.1). If you exit from the platform no.16 side, it is a 2km drive with a lot of one-ways and traffic, so please avoid that. The hotel is located on Arakashan Road, behind Sheila Cinema.


    • For guests arriving by airDecoration-02

    If you are arriving at IGI Airport:

    Pick-up: We can arrange for you to be picked up from the airport to ensure a hassle-free journey to the hotel. Please contact the management to arrange a pick-up.

    Airport Metro Express: The Airport Metro Express is a train that operates from IGI Airport to New Delhi Railway Station. On arrival at New Delhi Railway Station, you must cross Desh Bandhu Gupta Bridge and turn right towards Qutub Road, and then turn left onto Arakashan Road. The hotel is the 4th building on the left. For additional reference, it is located behind Sheila Cinema.

    Taxi: There are two types of taxi services which operate from the airport.

    1. Private taxis: Meru Cabs and Mega Cabs are private, radio-controlled taxi providers. Their taxis are reliable and generally in a good condition. Although they cost more than the government pre-paid alternative, they are safer and more comfortable to travel in.
    2. Pre-paid taxis: The pre-paid taxi service is government funded. The prices vary depending on the number of passengers and the amount of luggage.

    Front View

    Note: You must mention that the hotel is on the Paharganj side of New Delhi Railway Station. It is at the beginning of Arakashan Road, and is located behind Sheila Cinema. Most taxi/auto drivers are paid commission to take unsuspecting guests to a different hotel. Please insist that you want to reach Rama Inn only and that you will not go anywhere else. If you have any hesitation whatsoever, please call us immediately on +91 9311658327 or +91 9650819992, or on +91 11 23611711. Please do not let the taxi driver dial the number as it is possible they will call up their friend who will tell you that the hotel or the road around the hotel is inaccessible for some reason.